Oriente 255

Agrícola Oriental, Ciudad de México, 2019

2,000 m2


Plan Reserva Las Rocas

The project comprises four, single-family dwellings in La Peña, Valle de Bravo. Due to the context, the vegetation and the very rugged topography, the proposal divided the program into independent volumes that freely adapt to the unique characteristics of its location. These autonomous and staggered volumes acquire proportions and heights that generate a relationship with their immediate surroundings. The differences in plan and section pay maximum respect to the existing site, and the outdoor terraces act as extensions that complete the whole. A rear corridor links each of these rooms on different levels and, being open to the south, heats the house, generates different environments along its course and opens up twin views that connect the project to the local landscape. The materials used for the volumes are simple and limited, and seek to highlight the colors, tones, and textures of the unbuilt space.


Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, 2017

1,800 sqm

Cárpatos 711

This elementary 7 x 31-meter volume has undergone a number of volumetric movements until reaching its final configuration. Its external appearance as a simple box contrasts with the interior, which is the result of subtractions that have shaped both the floor plan and the section.

The regular modulation of the overall structure contrasts with the organic, internal spaces. As a result, a series of intermediate spaces emerges between the interior rooms and the perimeter with different degrees of openness, courtyards, colonnaded areas, terraces, and double-height interior spaces that enhance the residents’ experience.

The entire perimeter is glazed, increasing the sense of spaciousness, directly reinforcing the connection with the exterior. Despite the module’s rigidity, determined by the glass partitions and the structure’s rhythm, the spaces still boast different morphologies and ways of relating to the exterior. The element of surprise is therefore key when exploring the spaces and discovering the variations between the rooms, thanks to the intriguing interplay between the interior and exterior.


Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, Ciudad de México, 2016

696 sqm